Sensational, captivating and heartbreaking story of a woman. This story portrays the other side of the coin. A bad side which people usually try to hide with the pretence of good.

It showcases the demons of living in different country. The perks and the bads.

Cover :

As beautiful as the story within it!


Captivating and compulsing!


I liked the book from beginning till the end. Heartbreaking story of a naive and stupid girl, who makes mistakes after mistakes, and suffers the trials and difficulties of life in every step.

As they say we learn from what we see. It was no different for Savera. She was abused and so she started abusing others. She saw her mother figure with illicit affair, and she followed the same path.

Every single thing matters us a lot. It’s always better to educate women about every aspect, including sex.

In countries like India, Pakistan , Bangladesh the concept of discussing sex before marriage is taboo. People fail to realise that this is practise is what creates unnecessary curiosity among the younger ones, which forces them in taking wrong steps.

So many concepts have been discussed. It was an eye opener. All is good if the end is good, so I liked it when Savera, finally leads the life she deserves.

But she could have made better decisions too. Choosen right path. The book was indeed captivating.


Well written. With less errors. Simple English. With negligible mistakes.


The book is beautiful and worth reading.

I would definitely suggest others to give it a try.

From my side I will give 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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