Seductive affair

Title : Seductive affair

Author : Rishabh Puri

Publishers : Srishti publishers

Coming from Rishabh Puri I expected more fun and a better love story. To say I was disappointed with the plot and story is an understatement. Too many errors. Bad proof reading, poorly edited and not so interesting plot.

For one time light read, this book is good. If you have too much in your plate you can read this book to distract yourself for a while. It’s short and written in simple English.

Characters are so plain and so confusing. I expected characters to develop maturely and make the story more interesting. The ending was too obvious. I don’t want to spoil it for new readers. The start of their relationship was weird.

The concept of feminism has been discussed in a very subtle way which was interesting and good in the book. So many places I felt the story has been rushed. Mistakes with the last name of female lead (Khatri/Laghari) and the place of conference (Bangalore/Mumbai) was apparent.

Title :

I don’t how this related with the story. There was no seduction. It was your average day to day love story with tint of Bollywood.

Cover :

Is beautiful and attractive.


As I have already mentioned it could have been better. Rishabh Puri has set a standard with his previous books. We expect better from him. This plot was a little dissatisfying.

No matter how small your engagement is, no matter if you have loved someone or not, but if you stay together with someone for a time you develop a sense of attraction which isn’t easy to forget and move on so easily.

The female lead is so confusing and male was so obvious. There was nothing new in their love story. The insight of Journalists career and their life was intriguing. And The ending was expected.

Writing :

I love Rishabh’s writing. Always simple and beautiful. But in this book, I think he has used the same words frequently. The description of her feelings could have been deep.

Overall :

Even though I found so many things negative in this book I heartily enjoyed reading it.

Definitely I would recommend others to read it too. For one time read it’s good. And even the price is Alos affordable.

My rating 🌟🌟🌟 3/5.

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