Not Worth Living For

Title :

Not Worth Living For

Author :

Shreyan Laha

Category :

Science fiction and Mystery

Publishing house :

Big foot

Science fiction isn’t my thing, as it contains too many bizarre stuff. But I liked this book. It was worth reading. Even though I am sure it’s a one time read.

Title :

Is good, at first you will be confused why this title. But the end of the book it will all makes sense.

Cover :

I think it could have been better. It doesn’t go with the storyline.

Writing :

Well written, mature work. Good descriptions. There were few grammatical and spelling errors, which can be neglected.

Plot/ Storyline :

Plot and storyline is good. The way he has portrayed the world of Isthenope is refreshing and beautiful. Some things were bizarre and silly when it came to Isthenope, but Author’s imagination is praise worthy.

I loved the character of Ishita and her solace Shweta. The love story could have been better. I felt it was rushed. And some scenes were unnecessarily dragged.

Author introduced many concepts like rape, terrorism, hostel life , friendship, love, mental illness, fantasy world, aliens and such. It was a little confusing and overbearing. So many places I felt the story has been rushed. And incomplete. I wish the book was more elaborated.

Still it’s good for one time read. I loved the ending. There was no sugarcoating and miraculous healing. Pain and sufferings are dealt differently by different people. What Ishita had gone through was nightmare. Her mental health was described beautifully.

Overall :

I enjoyed reading the story. It was refreshing and good.

I will give 3/5 stars. 🌟🌟🌟

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