Myra is a cliche, cringe worthy, sappy romantic novel. I don’t want to say much about this because I didn’t like this book. Not at all worth reading it. I think books in wattpad are better than this.

So no more insights I am just going to rate the book now. I will give 2/5 stars, this is the least I have ever given.

1. Cover:

Beautiful and attractive. When I first saw the cover, I decided I had to read this book. And was so happy when I received a copy to review. I was excited and looking forward to read the book.

2. Title:

Title is good. No comments about it.

3. Plot:

I don’t know what exactly the author was trying to convince the readers here. Book was so confusing, poorly written, immature, too many characters, there was nothing to relate.

It was difficult to finish the whole book. Storyline was horrible. Too sappy and cliche.

4. Grammar:

I am no grammar nazi. I was cringing all the time. I mean what is wrong with publishers these days. They will publish anything. Poorly written.

5. Overall:

Definitely not my type. If you like romance, cliche and sap. You might try it. But for me it’s was a bad experience. Immature and non-sense is what I describe.

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