A beautiful debut novel of PRASUPTA ROY, who has portrayed the life of Indian married women. The emotions are so raw and real.

I will give 4/5 stars to this book.

1. Cover :

Could have been better.

2. Blurb :

Honestly the blurb is poorly written. I liked the whole story but not the blurb. As soon as I read the blurb , I thought it’s going to be another silly story. And I was contemplating not to read it. But the very first chapter itself captivated my undying attention.

I am glad I read this beautiful piece.

3. Plot/ Storyline :

Kaatyaani, a married woman, who does all the bidding of her husband, gives up her dreams, career, family, friends, freedom, happiness, wishes and joy just to make her husband happy, like most of Indian women do. This aspect has been described quiet well. Many would say she should fight for her rights, but I say it isn’t that simple. I can understand how compelling it was for her to abide her husband’s wishes.

The next part was about not having child even after six years of marriage, and how Hemanth her husband blame her of infertility, where as the author has clearly indicated that it’s Hemanth who is infertile and Kaatyaani is healthy.

Which actually happens all the time. Our men are having bad attitudes and egos. How many women suffer from this problem daily. We have no idea, but we hear or see it all the time. Men leaving women thinking the infertility lies only in women.

Author has described beautifully the way marriages fall apart and how people fall out of love these days. And how it is unfair on women to be blamed of sterility all the time.

The love story of Kaatyaani and Siddharth is beautiful and heart touching. Thier story create a hope in our hearts. The last line of the book is what took my heart away.

There is Love, even when there is no communication. It melts when one embraces.

Fall in Love……

Their story was magical and breath taking. The only thing which I didn’t like is adultery. No matter what the circumstances are it cannot be justified.

Other than that the book is awesome. I would definitely recommend others to read it.

4. Writing :

Written well. There are some some grammatical errors but can be neglected. But the narration is good. It is easy to escape in to the world she creates.

5. Overall :

It’s a good book. Short and sweet. Well portrayed with heart touching love story.

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